Feetje in English means “Fairy”:  A small imaginary magical being...“the magic is in you, baby”  

Since 1981 • Designed in Holland with ❤️

Buttery Softness made with Organic Cotton

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The Keepsake Denim Shop

The Softest Jean Ever

The Dutch are world famous for denim development and our designers follow this tradition. Take a close look at our details. We know you'll love our denim!

Our Basic Pull-On Jeans are made with 99% Soft Organic Cotton • 1% Spandex for Comfort

Our Iconic Jogger

Best Seller for Over 42 Years

Worn by generations of babies, our Waffle Jogger is made With Soft Organic or Mélange Organic Cotton • A Keepsake!

Save 10% • Limited Time Offer

The Feetje Digital Gift Card

Share the joy of distinctive fashion and softness with our gift card. Sent to you in a flash!

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Slow Fashion

At Feetje, Slow Fashion is our passion.  We prioritize quality over quantity, creating clothes that are made to last and be passed down from child to child, building new memories and adventure with each wear.  Our designs are lovingly created in Holland since 1981, with a focus on timeless style and enduring quality.  

We know that the magic is in the babies, and we’re committed to choosing a better future for them, one garment at a time.  ❤️


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